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Real Estate Decisions

Advances in Buying and Selling Cottage Properties

After 30 years in our cottage or house, we prepare to downsize or upgrade. Exactly what real estate changes with those years should we be aware of?

Modern technology has actually had the largest impact on the purchasing and selling procedure. There is more information offered to customers regarding property fads, purchases and advice compared to before. While even more expertise is empowering, it can likewise be difficult. That's where a real estate broker, with their education and experience, could help distil the info and help you with the procedure.

Most buyers today shop for homes using the online Multiple Listing Service at Thirty years earlier, MLS was a smaller sized, paper-based database. A lot of lists were dispersed to brokerages and sales agents would certainly then pass them along to their customers by a facsimile or phone call. Now a much more easily accessible and updated online MLS system assists property professionals and purchasers keep track of most houses on the marketplace.

Cell phones and mobile technology makes your real property expert much more easily accessible and the procedure more reliable. It can additionally quicken the decision-making process. Consumers may make rash decisions when they feel hurried, so be sure to put in the time to review types very carefully before finalizing.

Another significant modification has actually been the formation of the Real Estate Council of Ontario. RECO was formed in 1997 because the real estate occupation and the rural federal government concurred there was a requirement for straightforward law to enhance professionalism and customer security. Today, people or businesses that sell real property in the province need to typically be registered with RECO. Before you start teaming up with a salesperson or broker, utilize the "Registrant Search" tool here on their internet site reco. on. ca to make sure they are without a doubt signed up and in great standing.

When you're ready to select a real property professional, you'll discover you have additional option compared to 30 years back. Ontario has over 60,000 brokers and sales representatives and it's a good idea to meet with a couple of prior to choosing one. You do not have to use the same broker to offer your present property and aid you purchase your next one, though there might be benefits to doing so.

When you do begin collaborating with your chosen agent, they will possibly ask you to authorize a Purchasers Representation Contract. It's a flexible agreement between you and their brokerage firm for an agreed-upon length of time. It establishes out the civil liberties and commitments of you and the brokerage firm, which was a concept not so completely created three decades back.

If the brokerage firm you select is also the homeowner's brokerage firm, that's called a "multiple representation". The brokerage is obligated to represent the both your best interests and must disclose it’s dual involvement to you, and obtain your agreement.

Lastly, when it comes time to make a deal on a property, buyers today are covered by two important insurance coverage: consumer deposit insurance and errors and omissions coverage. The initial shields your deposit payment (held in trust) by covering it against scams, bankruptcy or misappropriation by the brokerage firm. The 2nd is a policy that real estate experts have to pursue cover a situation where errors or omissions are made throughout the real property deal.

Overall, these changes make it a safer time to be a cottage or home customer and vendor.

Welcome back and have a pleasant experience in cottage or house hunting.

Advances and Technology for buying and selling property
Real Estate Council For Ontario

Monday, October 21, 2013

Negotiating An Excellent Real Estate Offer

It's Time to Buy or Not - Get the Best Deal

Negotiations in real-estate deals is all about compromising and agreeing in order to close a transaction.

When negotiating, the negotiator should know the needs of the client.

Legal knowledge is important, since the negotiator should be able to identify the legal processes that could be done to achieve the client’s needs. Negotiators are usually real-estate lawyers, although real-estate agents would also negotiate for their clients.

To get successful negotiation results, it is important to be informed, prepared and set realistic goals or objectives. If you are a buyer and you have come across a house you are willing to buy, then you would have to be properly informed on how much the property would cost. You could ask your agent to compare it similar properties which are already sold. This is called Comparable Market Analyses or CMA. In CMA, the condition, size, number of rooms of both houses would be compared.

After being informed, then you would have to prepare for the negotiation. You could start by setting a realistic amount of money you are willing to spend on the property.

When making decisions about buying or selling a home, never let your emotions get ahead of you. Follow and execute the plan.

There are different real-estate negotiation tips that would make both the buyer and seller satisfied.

You start with an offer that you know that they would not be able to refuse and not a quote that would make them angry or rolling in laughter. When presenting the offer, make sure that you or the negotiator would state what and how both parties would benefit from the deal.

It is normal that the opposite party would ask questions and state their expectations, be confident when answering. Be cool and calm, even if the arguments are pushing you on your wit’s end. Present the answers in a way that would help them see that they have a way of getting out of the deal.


You do not have to say or show how desperate you are to purchase the property. If you would like to convince the other party to give-in, don’t overreact with the offers or quotations or try bluffing with the other party. Be straightforward with your win-win solution and be prepared to counter their arguments.

Look for loopholes and weaknesses which would help turn the table around.

Be realistic. Do not overprice nor under price.

Usually, a buyer would have to spend a little more than what you are willing to, to get the house and the property that they would like to have.

Asking for a very low price is like an insult to the person who is selling the property.

When starting with the negotiations, it is better to correspond with written documents.

Oral commitments cannot stand or are not duly recognized as a binding agreement by some states and provinces.

When negotiation, do not fret over small details.

There are negotiations called of because of small issues that could easily be dealt with.

If the transaction would not push through, then major things should be credited with the failure.


In real estate negotiations, it is compromise that would work and enable both parties to close the deal.

Both parties could start with the points that they both agree on and deal with the differences later.

Sharing a common ground makes it easier for both parties to come up with win-win solutions.


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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Real Estate Successful Negotiations

Three Tips to Successful Negotiations in Buying or Selling A Home

Three important tips that are useful when it comes to negotiating any real estate transaction.

Success in real estate, whether it is buying or selling a house, comes down to negotiations and getting the best deal possible.

Negotiations in real-estate deals is all about compromising and agreeing in order to close a transaction

Negotiating is an art, one that requires both experience and knowledge, mastered by real estate agents.

The catch is that when it comes to the sale of a home, both the buyer and seller, want to feel as though the outcome favors them, or at the least, represents a fair balance of interests.   

In most cases, neither party gets ‘everything’ they want, but a good balance is key to a successful negotiation.

Here are three tips to help develop a successful negotiation strategy.

1 - Know the Market

As with everything else, the real estate market is constantly changing.

Sometimes it’s a ‘buyers’ market, and at other times, it’s a ‘sellers’ market.

It’s quite obvious that the home seller or home buyer will want to be in the market when it favors their position.

However, there are times when it is possible to go against the market, and still be successful, and this includes when one has ‘leverage’, more than the market would seem to allow.

A good example would be if a property exists in a desirable neighborhood with few sales.

Here, the home seller may be able to get a better deal than home sellers located elsewhere.

On the other side, for a home buyer who is willing (and able) to quickly close a deal, they gain significant leverage in the eyes of many home sellers.

Those who are willing to make it a quick deal by closing faster are utilizing a key bargaining chip, especially if the home seller is in need to sell the home for sale as quick as possible.

2 - Understand Leverage

Leverage means everything when it comes to negotiations.

If the home buyer knows that the home owner is desperate to sell (maybe because they lost their job, or found a job in another city and need a quick sale), the home buyer has a lot of leeway in the negotiation process.

On the other hand, if the home buyer is one of many vying for the home, the home seller then gains the upper hand.

Leverage means everything in negotiations and both the home seller and home buyer should be aware of where they stand before stepping in to the bargaining process.

3 - Importance of Finances

Real estate transactions involve a trade, a house for money, and the house is obviously there, but what about the money?

Home buyers who are ‘per-qualified’ have at least some idea of their ability to finance a home and can be assured that they are at least likely to qualify for some loan programs.

This means that the ‘per-qualified’ home buyer represents less of a risk to a home seller.

This becomes useful in negotiations, because a home seller is more likely to accept an offer from a home buyer who has known financial strength.

When it comes down to it, probably the most important key to negotiations is expertise.

Most real estate agents are talented and knowledgeable who have mastered the art of negotiations, always ensuring that the consumer, whether it be a home buyer or home seller, is left satisfied in the end.



Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Luxury Cottage For Sale Little Redstone Lake

Little Redstone Lake Cottage

One-Of-A-Kind Luxury In The Highlands

1331 Blue Heron Road
Haliburton, Ontario K0M1S0

Offered at CAD $2,395,000

Can you imagine yourself having a mortgage payment of $11,600 a month after just putting a down payment of $480,000. Most of us don't make that much.

Therefore I call this a dream home or to some people it might be just a cottage with all the bells and whistles.


Property Highlights
  • 490 Feet Of Prime Frontage
  • Breathtaking Views
  • In Floor Outdoor Jacuzzi Hot Tub
  • Spectacular Sunsets
  • Professionally Landscaped
  • Gourmet Kitchen
  • Multiple Fireplaces
  • Alarm and Remote Climate Control System
  • Over 2600 sq. ft. Of Decking
  • Absolute Privacy


Watch Video

Trouble viewing this video click here >>>  Little Redstone Lake Cottage


Property Description

Little Redstone Lake

This magnificent customized dwelling on 6.4 acres is inspired by Balinese design and style with an interior decorating flavor which encapsulates the feeling of light, nature and huge open spaces.

Architecturally designed to convey the Canadian outdoors inside while creating perfect utilization of sunlight, gentle breezes, and breathtaking views from each and every room.

Redefining luxury, appointed with the most luxurious of materials, fixtures, and appliances, this dwelling is for the most discerning buyer.

The 3,700 sq. ft. home is separated into 3 distinct components with guest quarters, dining and entertaining, plus a gorgeous master wing with built in wardrobes, sitting area, large bedroom, and ensuite with indoor/outdoor rain showers.

The custom engineering kitchen is actually a chef`s dream with meticulously thought out stations to arrange the grandest of meals for all entertaining functions.

Greater than 2,600 sq. ft. of external decking; delight in a meal on the deck while watching the sunsets, soak away in the in-floor Jacuzzi or relax in the zen garden.


I found this listing here

To schedule an appointment to view this property please contact Rob and Greg at 705 754 0880 or


I have no knowledge about this cottage or home listing, I am not a real estate agent, just passing the information along to our resort guests that happen to be searching for cottages and homes for sale in the area.

Please feel free to comment below, would this make for a great family home or cottage, what's your thoughts.....

Two heads are better than one. When you comment on this property I will also put my two cents in and between the two of us we will have all the pros and cons of this cottage or home.

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